Welcome to The Durte.com. This website is an open diary in blog format of the life of a creative entrepreneur who is looking to understand the world around him through the gifts he was given by the cosmos. Durte is known to most as Duane “Durte Genius” the owner of Durte Rebelz LLC. Durte Rebelz is a creative entrepreneur driven network of websites pushing the principles of self-preservation through entrepreneurship to the urban masses.  Yup thats me. But I enjoy sharing my thoughts, inspirations and aspirations with the the world because with blogging we can literally reach out and touch someone. So I use this little poetic beacon to write my thoughts out here and there.  When I was five I wrote a poem that made my teacher weep and this is when I discovered I had a way with words. It took about 30 years for me to realize how as well as when to use them. I’m not the best at grammar, poetic structure or sentence punctuation however when inspiration, motivation or meditation are needed I read, look in between words and ponder philosophy or the reason of life. When I was a kid I use to write my thoughts down only to have them, ripped up or thrown away which has caused my poems to remain caged in my mind. Thus this is my personal mental zoo of thoughts. I often feel better when I release my thoughts into words, poems or whatever you wish to title them based off of how I am feeling. The  group Funkdoobiest had a song called “Lost in thought” and this is how I describe Thedurte.com. My mind is a terrible thing to taste. Enjoy your stay, like energy attracts down to atoms and molecules. That is universal law.

Be Well,
Durte/Durte Genius/Durte Rebelz